Pricing Method

Design is:

– consultation
– conceptualization
– creating the mock-ups
– editing and finalizing
– preparing the final package for the next step

Graphic Design Pricing

$75-$100 per hour

To Include:
logo creation – complete business packages – brochures – silkscreen art – catalogs – trade show booth graphics – annual reports – calendars – product labels, etc.

Book Design Pricing

Cover Design

$500 basic
$700 detailed
$900+ complex

Interior Book Design

– $5 – $15 per page based on complexity of design (not to exceed 6” x 9”)
– larger format pricing is available upon request. Please call for estimate.

Web Design Pricing

$50 – $65 per web page depending on the complexity of the site as a whole.

If you would like us to work up an estimate, please click here, explain what you are needing, and we will be happy to help.

* Our design studio reserves the right to reject artwork if it is deemed inferior to the total concept.

* Our design studio exists to provide affordable, quality design & execution, and reserves the right to refuse to work with a printer who cannot satisfy professional expectations.